Jun.-Prof. Dr. Heike Steinhoff
American Studies
Englisches Seminar
Fakultät für Philologie
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
Universitätsstraße 150
44801 Bochum

Office Hours:
During the summer semester 2020 I am substitute professor of American Studies at the University of Paderborn. Students from the RUB can still contact me via RUB email.

Office: GB 6/161



  • Lecture: Theories and Discourses of Gender and Sexuality in British and American Culture (WS 19/20, together with Jun.-Prof. Dr. C. Wächter)
  • Urban Masculinities (WS 19/20, together with Jun.-Prof. Dr. C. Wächter)
  • Of Makeovers, Quantified Selves, and Body Positivity: Beauty and Well-Being in a Neoliberal Age (WS 19/20)
  • Discourses of Conduct and Advice: From Etiquette Manuals to Self-Help 2.0 (SoSe 2019)
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies (SoSe 2019)
  • American Orientalism(s) (WS 18/19, M.A./graduate)
  • Hair Matters: The Meanings and Politics of Hair in American Culture (WS 2017/18, M.A. / graduate)
  • Beneath the American Renaissance: 19th-Century American Sensational Culture (SoSe 2017 / M.A.,  graduate)
  • American Feminisms (SoeSe 2017, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • “Your Body is a Battleground”: Women’s Bodies in American Culture (WS 2016/17, M.A. / graduate)
  • America’s First Ladies in Political and Popular Culture (WS 2016/17, M.A. / graduate)
  • “Literature: Kate Chopin” (Guest Session at the University Duisburg-Essen in the M.A. seminar “Into the American Century: From the Gilded Age to the End of World War”, Dr. Dietmar Meinel, SoSe 2016)
  • Hipsters in American Culture (SoSe 2016, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • Urban Temptations: City Life in Nineteenth Century American Literature (SoSe 2016, M.A. / graduate)
  • American Beauty: Body Ideals in American Culture (Schülerlabor RUB, since WS 2015/16)
  • American Childhoods (WS 2015/16, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • The History of Sexuality in American Literature and Culture (SoSe 2015, M.A. / graduate, American Studies/Gender Studies)
  • Corsets, Diets, and Cosmetic Surgery: Beauty in American Culture from the 19th to the 21st Century (WS 14/15, B.A. / undergraduate, also for MA students of Gender Studies)
  • Paris in the American Imagination (SoSe 2014, MA / graduate)
  • “Beauty and Race in American Culture: Toni Morrison’s ‘The Bluest Eye'” (SoSe 2014, Guest Lecture in U.S. Ethnic Literature (Prof. Dr. K. Freitag))
  • “Fit and beautiful? Cultural Studies Perspectives on Body and Beauty Ideals” (seminar for high-school students, Summer Campus, Junge Uni, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Juli 2014)
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies (WS 2013/14, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • New York and Los Angeles: Representations of the American City in American Culture (SoSe 2013, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • Writing Women and Women’s Writing in the Late Nineteenth Century (SoSe 2013, B.A. / undergraduate, with Evangelia Kindinger)
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies (WS 2012/13, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • Fragmented Selves, Bodies and Narratives: An Introduction to Postmodern American Literature and Culture (SoSe 2012, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies (WS 2011/12, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies (2 Kurse, WS 2010/11, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • Troubling Subjects: Gender and Sexuality in US-American Culture and Cultural Theory (SoSe 2010, M.A. / graduate, also for MA students of Gender Studies)
  • American Teen: Coming of Age in American Literature and Film (WS 2009/10, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • Bodies in the Making: The Human Body in Theory, Literature and Visual Culture (SoSe 2009, M.A. / graduate)
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies (WS 2008/09, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • (De)Constructing Superman: Exploring Heroic Ideals in American Culture (SoSe 2008, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies (WS 2007/08, B.A. / undergraduate)
  • Miss America, Cosmetic Surgery and Weight Watchers: American Beauty in the 20th Century (SoSe2007, B.A. / undergraduate, with Dr. Katharina Vester)